Lighting & Fixtures

This selection of light bulbs and fixtures includes stylish ceiling lights for restaurants and bars, LED strip lighting and adjustable heat lamps for ensuring your food stays at a safe temperature. This wide variety of bulbs also caters for food display, such as the infrared lamps and spot lights for retail applications, as well as low energy replacement CFL, halogen and LED bulbs to ensure lower annual running costs and that lightbulb replacements are kept to a minimum.

Security lighting, utility bulbs and flood lamps are necessary for safe working conditions and to meet legal requirements on premises, including flood lights with infrared motion detection. For each area of your premises from the stock room to your dining room, you'll find the optimal light bulb designed for each of your fixtures.

Need help to find the light bulbs you need? View our guide to choosing the right bulb. Alternatively, view our collection of industrial lighting for a wide range of both vintage and contemporary lighting fixtures.