Food & Beverage Consumables

It’s those ‘little things’ that matter the most, especially when it comes to making guest experiences memorable enough for them to come back to your hotel, restaurant, or café time and again.

What are food consumables?

Food consumables refer to food items that are intended to be used up relatively soon. These typically consist of accompaniment items, such as condiments (e.g., sauces, salt, pepper, vinegar, etc), biscuits and snacks (e.g., crisps, peanuts, etc), which can have a long shelf life and are used to enhance meals and overall experiences.

We have a whole host of food consumables available which are presented in a variety of appearances and quantities to suit your preferences. Our easy-to-open sauce sachets are available in batches of 200 per pack. Including tomato sauce, mayonnaise, brown sauce, and vinegar - each sachet is filled with the right amount of flavour to accompany your customer’s meal.

You could also add that extra special touch by offering preserves  to go with bread and pastries, such as our Duerr’s Jam and Marmalade range that includes 32 Strawberry Jam, 16 Blackcurrant Jam, 16 Raspberry Jam and 32 Fine Cut Seville Orange Marmalade sachets per pack. If you’re looking to offer light snacks and nibbles, we do have tubs of mini pringles (12 packs per tub) available in Original, Salt & Vinegar and Sour Cream flavours. We also have Lotus biscuits that go well with hot beverages – or even on their own – available in individually-wrapped packs of 6 x 50 units.

What are beverage consumables?

Beverage consumables refer to beverage items, these items tend to have a short expiry date. Items such as teas, coffees, instant hot chocolates, fizzy drink cans and mineral water bottles. Their purpose is to keep customers refreshed and hydrated.

Shop our huge selection of hot beverage consumables from popular brands such as Cadbury’s and Twinings to keep your guests fully refreshed. We have coffee sachets, sticks and tubs from Nescafé in various sizes and quantities. We also have tea bags from Twinings, Clippers and PG Tips which are available in different flavours, such as Earl Grey, Camomile, Peppermint and of course, English Breakfast. You may also wish to offer instant hot chocolate options, which we have available from brands such as Cadbury’s, Options and Orsadrinks (ODK).

When it comes to infusing drinks, why not consider our wide selection of drink syrups? We’ve got a variety of flavours and brands available including Monin Syrups and more. We also have available an interesting range of purees and juices by Funkin as well as juice mixes by ODK too. Moving on to the cooler side of things, we have a decent selection of cold beverage consumables such as bottled water, still water and sparkling water by Radnor Hills, which are available in packs of 12 per unit. We also have a range of must-have soft or fizzy drinks available, such as Coca Cola (Original, Diet and Zero Sugar), Fanta Orange and 7up, in packs of 24 individual (330ml) cans.