Custom Branded Coasters and Placemats

We offer a number of placement options to suit different establishments and budgets. Whether plain white or custom printed, our range of Disposable Place Mats & Tray Liners will help to protect trays & table tops, whilst promoting hygiene and saving on laundry costs. We offer a range of different papers to ensure we can offer you the best suited specification to meet your requirements.

Absorbent, Linen embossed and Laminate paper are all popular choices for restaurant place mats and hotel tray liners, the latter has a polythene backing to prevent moisture from soaking through to the underside. Non slip paper tray liners and place mats are often used within the transport sector, as they are practical for use on trains, aircraft and ferries.

Heavier duty placemats are also available and are handmade in our UK factory. They can be made in a wide selection of different leather and synthetic  finishes and colours. These are available as either a stiff board make up of with a soft suede backing to give a flexible item. You could also have cork backing or a two sided item with the same finish on each side.

Cost varies from project to project, depending on quantities, design and lead times. Please get in touch to discuss your project today.

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Aluminium Coasters  - C5142 - 1

Aluminium Coasters - C5142

Aluminium coasters are a quality gift communicating your company message whilst protecting the desk surface. Our felt backed aluminium coaster are pri...
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Silicon Coaster - C5626 - 1

Silicon Coaster - C5626

Non-slip Soft Silicone Coasters - Made of High Quality Silicone, these coasters have better table grip then Cork, Ceramic, Wood and other coasters. An...
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