Commercial Mixers

A commercial mixer can often be one of the most time saving machines in the professional kitchen. Sometimes simply called food mixers, these catering appliances are designed to take all the stress out of mixing large quantities - ideal for bakeries, restaurants, pizzerias and more.

Countertop Mixers

A countertop mixer is an essential piece of equipment for any baker. Designed to mix ingredients for bread, cakes, cookies and a wide range of both sweet and savoury treats, countertop mixers are perfect for at-home and professional baking. Thanks to their smaller footprint, when compared to planetary mixers and spiral mixers, these appliances can be used on a countertop or kitchen worktop with ease.

Free-standing Mixers

Providing high outputs for large-scale preparation tasks, free-standing mixers are vital for bakeries, pizzerias and hotels. Their large design makes free-standing mixers perfect for batch preparation whilst providing professional results with each and every use. And with a large selection of accessories available,

Planetary Mixers

Designed to make light work of mixing and kneading heavy doughs, batters and sauces, planetary mixers are a must-have in any bakery or restaurant. Thanks to their powerful motors and multiple speed settings, our planetary mixers will help you create the perfect dough for your bakery goods or bulk preparation.

Spiral Mixers

Providing handmade kneading results from the practicality of an appliance, spiral mixers are perfect for bakeries and pizzerias. Their special folding technique duplicates the motion that hands and arms would use during handmade kneading. So not only do spiral mixers make it quick and easy to prepare dough, but also ensure high-quality results are achieved every time.

Hand Mixers

Compact in size yet powerful in nature, our range of electric whisks make it easy to achieve the perfect texture for all your baking needs. Thanks to their size, these handheld whisks give you and your staff portable alternatives to classic mixers. Plus, many of our whisks come with a variety of attachments that allow you to complete multiple preparation tasks in a single place.

Baking & Kitchen Utensils

Looking for baking and kitchen utensils to go along with your new mixer? Then explore our range of metal mixing bowls and baking spatulas. They're perfect for preparing your ingredients, ready for use in your electric mixer. For those smaller jobs, our hand whisks make light work of folding and stirring ingredients together. And for help choosing a professional mixer, check out our commercial mixer buying guide.