Cold Rooms

Cold rooms are the ultimate in commercial refrigeration. Essential for fast-paced restaurants, hotels and other large venues, cold rooms are designed to safely store up to 20m³ of fresh or frozen goods. There are also known as walk-in fridges and are one of the most efficient solutions when it comes to bulk refrigeration. Designed to house large quantities of food, drink and ingredients in a single place, walk-in fridges are built with busy venues in mind. This makes them ideal as high-volume alternatives to upright fridges and upright freezers.

Cold rooms are great for effective stock rotation, too. By allowing you to store produce in its own, individual section when paired with commercial racking walk-in fridges make it easy to locate and monitor ingredients. And to ensure long-lasting and efficient use in commercial environments, we stock a range of cold rooms from market-leading brands, such as Polar and Foster.

Walk-in Freezers

Keeping frozen produce at its optimal temperature is essential to maintaining taste, texture and nutritional value. Our walk-in freezers are specifically designed to safely house large quantities of food - making them the perfect upgrade from your upright freezer. And as we stock walk-in freezers from brands such as Polar and Foster, reliable and consistent freezing is always guaranteed.

Commercial Storage

Key to secure storage and effective stock management, commercial racking is a must-have in any walk-in fridge or freezer. They're able to house plastic gastronorms, clip-lock storage boxes and defrosting trays, commercial racking lets you store a wide variety of produce in a precise and organised system. And as we stock a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles, our cold-room racking lets you customise your walk-in fridge or freezer to suit your business' needs.

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