Bains Marie

A Bain Marie (often called a water bath - not to be confused with a sous vide machine) is the ideal appliance for keeping large batches of food warm, ready for plating or service. Designed to provide a reliable, consistent heat, Bains maries aren't hot enough to actually cook - instead they gently warm food, keeping it at a precise temperature suited to your menu.

Available in either wet heat or dry heat versions, Bains Maries can be used in your kitchen or part of your buffet services to keep food warm for extended periods. So if you're looking to maintain the heat and flavour of your dishes or serve group meals at the same time, then a Bain Marie is exactly what you need. And as we stock commercial-quality Bains marries from some of the market's finest manufacturers, including Buffalo, Lincat and Parry, each Bains Marie provides excellent output and long-lasting use.

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