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Dedicated to manufacturing great quality disposable cups in Britain.

Our Cups are PE Plastic and PLA Free, Recyclable and Compostable both commercially and at home!

Why not get your own branded cups? starting from just 1000 cups for double wall.
They're a lot more competitively priced than you realise with fast lead times.

Our PE Plastic Free cups are the perfect environmentally friendly alternative to conventional disposable cups. Our cups are lined with a water-based barrier coating solution, opposed to regular disposable cups which are lined with polyethylene (PE), a finite, oil-based resource, which can be harmful to our environment when not collected and recycled through an approved scheme.

As our cups are PE plastic free and PLA Free, they are able to be recycled via conventional UK mixed paper recycling streams which are easily accessible for all consumers, unlike PE lined and PLA lined cups which require collecting and distributing to specialist facilities. In addition, our new water based coated cups are also certified compostable as per EU13432, being able to fully compost in industrial composting facilities.

Additionally, all of our cup board is sourced from sustainably managed forestry and is either FSC or PEFC accredited.

As this cup is manufactured and distributed in the UK, it doesn’t have to travel thousands of miles around the world to get to its final destination, unlike many other ‘eco’ disposable cups on the market, massively reducing this product’s carbon footprint.

But if price per cup is a concern, we do have the ability to offer cheaper alternatives, but there would be higher minimum orders, longer lead times and bigger carbon footprint as they would be produced by our partners in the Far East.

We do have a few stock designed cups readily available.



Our plastic free cups are designed to be easy to dispose of at end of life. If you are on a high street you can dispose of these in the normal paper bin. This cup can go through the same process as a newspaper, washing the inks away and recycling the paper easily. 

Had your coffee on the way to the office? This cup can be disposed of in the paper/cardboard bin for easy recycling. 

Had your coffee on the way home? Pop it in your mixed recycling bin, again just like you would a newspaper. 

Near a compost bin? This will work too. Our cup lining can be recycled or composted, and unlike the fashionable compostable cups on the market, this will even break down in a home compost bin.

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Unfortunately we have had a slight delay in the new machines for the 2 news sizes due to the pandemic, but hopefully we will be back on track very soon.

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