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At The Compostable Cup Company, we offer some of the Eco-friendliest cutlery available in the UK. The compostable cutlery we provide are produced in the UK and are Eco and economic. Should you be looking for compostable and recycled cutlery, The Compostable Cup Company can help, based in Kent, we’re renowned for the recyclable cutlery that we offer customers in the surrounding areas and across the UK.

High Performance Compostable Cutlery

The recycled CPLA cutlery we provide took two years of research and development and is known as the world’s first cutlery range that is made entirely from recycled PLA. It’s sleek and stylish and the black version is coloured with food safe carbon black pigment. This compostable cutlery isn’t flimsy like you’d expect it to be and is just as sturdy as plastic cutlery. The original 6.5in CPLA compostable high-heat cutlery is made from plant-based PLA and is perfect for hot foods and soups. They’re sleek, white and have a smooth feel whilst being robust enough to attack crunchy lunches. As Europe’s first high-heat cutlery with composability certification from the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI), it's perfect for industrial composting. Our extensive range of Eco friendly cutlery includes knives, forks, chip forks, coffee stirrers, spoons and teaspoons made from wood or biodegradable plastic. From leading manufacturers, the items we provide are all food grade and come from renewable resources. The plastic cutlery is made from an oxo-biodegradable material with starch which means bacteria are drawn to the items and they disintegrate in months rather than years.

Our Range of Compostable Cutlery

Here at The Compostable Cup Company we offer a range of sustainable, eco-friendly products which are a beneficial alternative to plastic cutlery. We have an extensive range to choose from all at competitive and affordable prices, we always recommend that wooden cutlery should be your first choice. Our wooden options are 100% natural with no toxins or chemicals and crafted from Birch or Bamboo making them sturdy, sustainable and safe. If our wooden cutlery is not a suitable choice, we also offer CPLA and RCPLA biodegradable options, that are made from plant based polymers. All of our recyclable cutlery are suitable for both hot and cold foods! Our range of compostable cutlery includes:

  • CPLA cutlery - Commercially compostable cutlery suitable for food waste recycling, where accepted. Perfect for hot or cold food.
  • White RCPLA cutlery - Constructed from reclaimed high-heat PLA and can be used for both hot and cold.
  • Wooden cutlery - Rustic design. Sustainably sourced from renewable birch wood
  • Compostable cutlery sets - Kits with a knife, fork, spoon and napkin, wrapped in a bio film.

An Eco-Friendly Company

We’re a Vegware partner, so when you choose The Compostable Cup Company, you can trust us as a reputable and reliable company for Eco-friendly cutlery in the UK. We’re known as a leading manufacturer of compostable products and the solution-based service that we cover includes comprehensive creative and environmental consultancy. This is to deliver your branding along with full zero waste programs for food service. Vegware are a reputable manufacturer and visionary brand and as a global specialist we offer plant-based compostable food service packaging and their extensive range of eco catering disposables also incorporate quality environmentally-friendly products at competitive prices.

Recyclable Cutlery

There’s no way to recycle food with plastic in it, and you can’t recycle plastic with food on it. When you switch to compostable catering disposables, this means that food and its packaging can be recycled together, it really is the only true recycling solution for zero waste in food services. For compostable products, they’re made from plant based renewable materials which are sustainable. Crops including sugar cane and corn are used which can be grown annually unlike petroleum-based waste and they have a finite supply and aren’t sustainable. Some of the products we compost are all green waste and this gets composted and returned to the earth as fertiliser to grow more raw materials. Whether you use a commercial composter, have your own composter onsite or a traditional garden composter, all the products we sell can be returned to the earth.

The Benefits of Recycling Cutlery

When it comes to recycled cutlery, at The Compostable Cup Company, we believe they’re the best choice for your company, here’s why you should choose our compostable cutlery…

  • Eco Friendly & Economic - All of our wooden cutlery is 100% recyclable, compostable and friendly to the environment.
  • BPA Free - By changing to eco friendly cutlery you can avoid all dangerous toxins and chemicals that can be found in plastics.
  • Strong, reliable, safe and good value - Constructed from Birchwood and Bamboo our cutlery is designed for the ultimate strength so your cutlery won’t break or splinter while eating.
  • Designed with the catering sector in mind - Our compostable cutlery sets look the part too, so when your consumers can eat their takeaways in style.
  • 100% Quality - All of our cutlery sets are strong and durable, as they undergo precise quality testing before being packaged.

The above are just some of the benefits you can expect when purchasing our range of compostable cutlery which is also suitable for both hot and cold food. With low carbon our range of recyclable cutlery is suitable for reducing your carbon footprint and promoting yourself as an environmentally friendly business. For more information or any questions please contact our team today, we will be more than happy to help!

Buy Compostable Cutlery Online

Sustainable and recyclable cutlery is a great substitute for traditional plastic cutlery, here at The Compostable Cup Company our range of compostable cutlery is constructed from either bamboo or other plant-based materials which means it is highly sustainable and kinder to the earth when it comes to the disposal. Our range of compostable cutlery is stronger than your average plastic cutlery, so when faced with heavy use it resists any breakage. If you're looking to buy compostable cutlery online today then be sure to shop with The Compostable Cup Company, we also offer a range of compostable plates, bowls and other takeaway food containers.

Why Choose Us for Compostable Cutlery?

Should you be looking to take steps to become more earth-friendly by purchasing eco-friendly packaging products you have come to the right place. The Compostable Cup Company has been providing effective and efficient compostable cutlery products to businesses and homeowners throughout the UK for a number of years now. Whether you are new to using compostable or recyclable cutlery or have been using them for a number of years, with a wide range of products available you won't be disappointed when you choose to shop with The Compostable Cup Company. With the wealth of knowledge and experience that The Compostable Cup Company has, you can count on our team to answer any questions you may have about the compostable cutlery that we supply. Whether you are looking for wooden cutlery for your small or large business, we have a range of compostable cutlery sets and kits for everyone.

For the Best Compostable Cutlery UK, Shop Online with The Compostable Cup Company Today

The team at The Compostable Cup Company is passionate about the environment and is determined to help create a better world. That is why we are proud stockists of a whole range of compostable cutlery products. From bamboo knives and forks to compostable spoons, there’s a whole host of products that you can choose from to help improve the environment. If, like us, you are passionate about the environment, simply speak to a member of the team to find out about the simple changes you can make, we will be more than happy to help and provide you with further information on the compostable packaging products that we can supply.

Frequently Asked Question About Compostable Cutlery

Where to buy compostable cutlery?

Should you be searching for ’compostable cutlery online’ then be sure to choose The Compostable Cup Company online today. We offer a vast range of recyclable cutlery to businesses across the UK. For more information or advice on becoming more eco friendly then be sure to contact the team at The Compostable Cup Company today. 

Is wooden cutlery compostable? 

Of course! All of our wooden cutlery products can be recycled. Composting is a more sustainable and environmentally friendly process, as they can be broken down and used as a soil fertiliser. If you are unable to attain a compost bin our wooden cutlery can also be broken into pieces and added into soil in your garden. 

How do I choose the best compostable cutlery?

If you find yourself searching for ’The best compostable cutlery’ then be sure to choose The Compostable Cup Company today. We offer the best range of sustainable products for your business, all of our compostable cutlery is sturdier than plastic and more affordable than you may think. When buying online from The Compostable Cup Company we can assure you that your customer won’t notice any difference in quality.

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